Bon Air, Virginia  

Conceived in 1877 as a rural summer retreat for city dwellers, Bon Air retains much of its original character from shady, tree-lined streets and large front yards to the beautiful old houses and friendly faces you will encounter throughout the area.

"we all leave something where we live. It may be a spiritual influence just as mysterious as you like. we all leave some mark and it is up to you and to me what kind of mark that will be. IT is in the houses and in the memories of the people who have lived here."   -- Dr. C. M. Hazen

Since 1978 members have celebrated the history of Bon Air. Be a part of the tradition and join us.

Our History

The Bon Air Historical Society, organized in 1978, is the Oldest Historical Society in Chesterfield County, Virginia. It is dedicated to the preservation of Bon Air, its history, its architecture and the story of its remarkable residents over the past 130 years.

    Bon Air Historical Society