Bon Air Historical Society

Alyson Taylor-White presents the "Richmond Theater Fire"

Sunday, September 8, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bon Air Christian Church

2071 Buford Rd

Theater goers began the evening of December 26, 1811 with eager anticipation. Over 600 rich and poor, young and old, free and enslaved individuals prepared for the entertainment highlight of Richmond, Virginia’s social season. Everyone wore their finest , and they eagerly anticipated the opportunity to see and be seen. The Richmond Theatre was a favorite destination in a city that prided itself on its cultural amenities. What began as a delightful theatrical escape ended in heartbreaking horror however. An accidental spark from a stage lamp ignited an inferno that quickly destroyed the theater and many of its patrons. Every family knew someone who was a victim of this fire. In fact, some think the Richmond Theatre Fire continues to haunt the city to this day. Explore the history of this mass disaster and how historic landmark Monumental Church rose from its ashes. You won't want to miss this exciting talk! Ms.Taylor-White will have books available to sell afterwards. Free for members. Guests $5.

"Susanna Bolling" presented by Libby McNamee

Sunday, November 10, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bon Air Christian Church

2071 Buford Rd

A writer and lawyer, Libby loves exploring America’s many historical sites.  When a descendant told her about Susanna Bolling’s heroism, Libby was determined to share it with the world.  “Susanna’s Midnight Ride” is her first published novel.

Libby served as a US Army JAG Officer in Korea, Bosnia, Germany and Washington State.  She and her book-obsessed husband and son live in Richmond, Virginia.  A Boston native, Libby graduated from Georgetown University cum laude and Catholic University Law School. More about Libby can be found at

VA legislation recently designated December 5 of each year as Susanna Bolling Day. For all our history buffs, be sure to attend to learn more about this courageous teen of the Revolutionary War from what is now Hopewell.

Libby will have copies of her book Susanna's Midnight Ride:The Girl who Won the Revolutionary War available for purchase. Program free for members. Guests $5 payable at event.